Me & my partner started this idea after seeing my son laughing out loud to all these you tube videos he watched,

Just seeing him laugh like that made us laugh.

At first I didn't look at what it was but the more he laughed the more i wanted to see. He showed me one

video and it was a boy called Ryan in RYAN TOYS REVIEW where he was just always opening

big SURPRISE EGG with lots of different toys in, I saw how much my son liked it and wanted to do one for him

but could not find any GIANT EGG SURPRISE any where other than the USA which was too much to ship over,

This is when I decided to look at doing our own EGG SURPRISE so that my son and other children could

enjoy it all just as much as the kids in the videos. 

We are just a small business, Me My Partner & my son helps sometimes, I hope you and your kids enjoy

these as much as mine does and create your own EGG SURPRISE video to show friends & family or even upload

it too YOUTUBE and become the next star.